In the Celtic Medicine Wheel or Mandela, the South is the place of inspiration and creativity. In the South we express ourselves through song, dance, poetry, artwork, drama and other creative endeavors. The Celtic tradition speaks of our connection with the great song of the earth, the Oran More. Many cultures speak of the music behind the earth. We can listen with ears connected to the spirits of the land to hear the song behind the sounds of daily life. Sit quietly in nature and breath deeply into your abdomen, try to clear your mind and listen with your heart to the sounds of nature, to the sounds of our earth. As you to connect with the sounds and rhythms of the earth experience the vitality of the earth during this time of summer, embody that vitality and passion to nourish your mind, body and spirit.


The south is where we experience inspiration, our connection with the divine, the gift of the spirit. The word inspiration means we are attuned to the breath of the divine, to the gods and goddesses’ own thoughts to embody and bring forth. Allow yourself to receive divine inspiration and let that inspiration flow through you into our world though your creative endeavors.

The Creative Muse

How do you connect with your creative muse? Nature inspires me- when I walk, ride my bike, garden, sit on the beach, songs, poetry, writing and dances are divinely inspired. One of my favorite places for inspiration is the portion of the Henry Hudson Trail between Atlantic Highlands and Highlands. During the March Northeaster the trail was damaged and had to be closed. One Sat. in April over 100 volunteers gathered to clear reeds, wood, debris and other washed up items. It was so inspiring to be part of such a group of people. However I was extremely distressed by the amount of Styrofoam I was collecting; cups, beach floats, piece after piece of this material that will not return to the earth for 500 years. I realized I need to share with you the reader who are interested in the health of our earth, please increase your world view of the connection of all that is alive.  Increase your commitment to do your part to be part of the solution. Allow our earth and all that is upon her to inspire you to increase your environmental efforts, reuse, recycle, reduce, compost,  find creative ways to minimize your carbon footprint.

Inspire others to join you, create dance, song, poem, art and share it with our world. Be in the flow of inspiration this summer; be in the flow of life.

Dance your journeys; dance your dreams