In the Shamanic worldview all that is has Spirit.  This is a view that  respects all that is, honors each and all with whom we share this earth.  We are taught in Shamanism our work is a partnership with our Compassionate Helping Spirits. This partnership helps the Shaman bring forth spiritual healing power into our world to alleviate pain and suffering.

I have learned from those who come to me for healing and counsel that we humans often do not repect ourselves, so how can we respect others in this web of life?  I would Iike  to focus on some ways to increase your self respect to honor the divine creature that you are.  Prhaps these practices will help you alleviate some of your pain and suffering.

Healing Words

One of the ways we humans disrespect ourselves is with critical self talk.  I have spoken in the past of the use of healing words when communicating with others what about the way you talk to yourself?    Listen to your self talk, are you telling yourself you are doing your best, being your creative self?  Or are you negating your actions, your behaviors, your creative endvours?  Practice shifting your self talk to healing words.  Stages sometimes works better, you can say that is an acceptable action instead of you are the best of the whole world.  Soon you will hear yourself  shifting from self critical to healing words.  I trust you will also experience an energetic shift helping you feel better, brighter and empowered.  I would love to hear your stories.

Honoring Our Bodies

The way we eat, play, and exercise  can be healing or harmful to our bodies.  There are many different views, advice on what is best to eat.    A simple way is when you eat something notice how do you feel after?  Please if you are not feeling well, or vital listen to your body,  food that right for you gives you energy, vitality and  strength. So  if when you are eating  certain foods you feel unwell or you  feel guilty about eating  it eliminate it.  You are worth it!

Movement is necessary for good self care and moving outdoors is a gift that keeps on giving.  Human bodies are meant to move, we are designed to breath fresh air and feel freedom.  Go outdoors before or after work, take your children outdoors, open your windows even for a short time as you let the air circulate in your homes, cars or offices.  Spend time with the weather of the day, notice the smells, the feelings on your body,  your face.  This not only helps you feel better, it reminds you there is more then you in this world.  This helps you become more in harmony with the natural world.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing can often help you move through the blocks of less then optimal self care.  In Shamanic Healing we work with our Compassionate Helping Spirits to bring back lost virtual essence, remove what does not belong and restore a sense of balance and harmony.  Spiritual healing can help with your feelings of being less then, of being undesearving.  Working with a Spiritual healer can help you understand what is underlying your need to disrespect yourself.   The more we are filled with spiritual power the more we are filled with vital life force and we are able to live our lives more fully.

May each and every one of you experience yourself filled with compassion, love and an understanding that you are here at this time and your life is a gift.

Dance your journeys; dance your dreams.