Imagine being able to co-exist with the elements, retrieve souls, communicate with other species, ease suffering, and mediate between this world and the “other worlds”! Sound strange? Not so to those who practice Shamanism which is currently enjoying resurgence around the world.

This column will enlighten you as to the practices of Shamanism, the oldest of spiritual and healing traditions. Many embrace shamanism because of a passion around healing and helping their community.  Underlying the healing work is the practice of creating a Shamanic world view.

Shamans, known as medicine men/women or witchdoctors, have gotten lots of bad press which I will help you debunk. Shamans in fact, are keepers of a remarkable body of ancient techniques. Their vital role is to bring healing to themselves and members of their communities. Shamans work with known Compassionate Spirits by journeying out of their bodies in altered states, to the place of Spirits, retrieving healing, wisdom, and divination for the people of the community.

Shamanism has been traced back 40-50 centuries through cave drawings and artifacts. As mankind’s oldest practice, all of our ancestors descended from cultures that, at one time, practiced shamanism. Shamanism is in our DNA.

In a shamanic world view, all existence is viewed as highly integrated with a soul and there is no division into organic and inorganic.   This world view acknowledges we are all connected-an integral part in the web of life.  Humans, mammals, plants, trees, birds, animals, weather, and stones co-exist on this beautiful earth. Developing a shamanic world view will help us shift the way we treat all that is upon this Earth and give us guidance in the “business” of sustainable life styles.   Creating balance and harmony among all of nature will support us in creating balance and harmony in our lives and in our world.

In spring, as the awakening Earth sheds the mantle of winter, a time when plants, trees animals remerge, let us connect with the beauty of nature and develop a shamanic world view.  One way of doing this is to perform an ancient Celtic practice “sweet talking the universe” This ancient practice sends gentle prose to our Earth.   Theformula is:   beautiful is …… beautiful too………..  An example“Beautiful is the soft wind caressing my uplifted face; beautiful too is the sun beaming brightly”.

As you begin your day, notice the beautiful sights around you and create your own sweet talking to the universe.   You will receive sweet talking in return.